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Vehicle Servicing

Regular maintenance of your vehicle brings many benefits:

• Increased lifespan of your vehicle
• Reduced risks of breakdown
• Increased miles per gallon
• Prevents unexpected repair bills
• Protects the environment
• Brings peace of mind
• Preserves the value of your vehicle
• Optimising your protection and safety

Servicing is a must have preventative maintenance which is deliberately prescribed by the manufacturer to keep your visits to a garage low and also to maximise your vehicle's efficiency.

At The Prasads Automotive Ltd we have a range of service options from a vehicle health check to basic oil and filter change through to full manufacturer specification servicing.

• Vehicle Health Checks
• Servicing starting from as little as £99.99+vat*
• Free MOT Pre inspection with your service
• MOT appointments booked
• Fixed price service options
• Great savings 40% less than Main Dealer Labour rates
• Timing belt replacement
• Engine removal Jobs
• Computer and oscilloscope diagnostics
• Brake change and repairs
• Mechanical Repairs
• Electrical diagnosis and repairs
• Wheel refurbishment
• Clutches
• Gearbox repairs
• Trim Repairs
• Suspension repairs
• Engine repairs
• Valet

At The Prasads Automotive Ltd we will quote for servicing and or repair to your vehicle where possible. Should we observe additional items needing repairs while your vehicle is being service inspected, you can rest assured that we will provide you with a competitive costing for your approval before we proceed.

Service Options
We offer three simple fixed price service levels which we recommend for older vehicle's (over 3 years) and up to 1.4 litre.

Small Service From £99.00+vat
Includes: Oil** and filter replaced, screen wash topped, Vehicle health & condition check of lighting, tyres, brakes, steering, suspension, horn and general vehicle condition.

Medium Service From £129.00+vat
Includes: Small service + Air filter replaced, door hinges lubricated, wheels removed, all brakes inspected, wheel hubs lubricated, wheel nuts torqued.

Large Service From £149.00+vat
Includes: Medium Service + 4x Spark plugs (petrol engines), Fuel filter (diesel engines).

Prices quoted are for cars up to 900cc and includes parts and lubricants

** Up to 5 litres of mineral oil of a suitable grade. Semi synthetic oil will be substituted at £7.00 per litre. Fully synthetic oil with be substituted at £8.00 per litre.

Please call us or drop in for a quote and discuss any requirement you may have.

List of Services

  • Repair ServicesOpen or Close

    It is an unfortunate fact of life that over time accidents can occur and cars may breakdown. While we all try to take the right preventative measures to avoid this happening, the fact remains that it can and may happen.

    At The Prasads Automotive Ltd using the latest tools and equipment, coupled with our vast knowledge should the worst happen to you and you suffer an accident or a breakdown, we will strive to get you back on the road as soon as practicably possible with a cost effective solution, without compromising on quality of workmanship.

  • BrakesOpen or Close

    You may want to check your braking system before a MoT, a long journey, or just as part of your on-going maintenance routine.

    The Prasads Automotive Ltd carries out diagnostic and brake inspection that guides your next brake replacement.

    The inspection includes the measurement of wear on brake pads, discs and drums. We like to provide the best possible advice to help you keep the condition of your braking system up to a safe standard.

    The result of the inspection is recorded on a brake report together with a quote of any required work.

  • 4 Wheel Alignment Open or Close

    The Wheel Alignment or tracking is important to your safety while maximising on your tyre life for good road holding and handling.

    A small knock of a kerb or driving through a pot hole can result in misalignment. At The Prasads Automotive Ltd we use the latest Bosch multi camera technology to test and re-align your wheels, steering, tracking and geometry. This ensures your car drives straight ahead with a centred steering wheel and maximising your tyre service life.

  • Wheel BalancingOpen or Close

    This is important because wheels that are out of balance generally produce an uncomfortable vibration and leads to premature wearing of suspension and steering components, rotating parts and tyres.

    Correctly balanced wheels help to eliminate vibration and avoid the premature wear caused by an imbalanced wheel.

    A sign that your wheels may be out of balance is when your steering wheel or car starts to shake or vibrate at certain speeds.

    A driver may not always sense an imbalance at the steering wheel. It could be present with but dampened by the vehicle weight. This is why balancing is equally important for both front and rear wheels.

    As a result of wheel balancing, you should notice a smoother ride and better wear from your tyres, again saving you time and money.

    With high performance vehicles and modern bigger wheels, balancing becomes even more critical and necessary for these wheels. At The Prasads Automotive Ltd we use the latest technology machines to achieve this.

  • Air Conditioning Open or Close

    Many of us use air-con or climate control in our car, and like other systems of your car, the air-conditioning system also needs regular maintenance to keep it working efficiently.

    More than ten per cent of air-con gas permeates from the air-con system every year, reducing the efficiency and impeding operation. Manufacturers recommend your air-con system is serviced every two years.

    This service is not part of routine vehicle servicing. Air-con systems that are not fully recharged are less effective and therefore they work harder which then puts more strain on the compressor and engine, the end result is your vehicle burns more fuel.

    The Prasads Automotive Ltd offers a complete air conditioning service, which also includes a system bacterial clean, keeping your car environment hygienic and prevents unpleasant odours, while keeping the system performance efficient.

  • Electrical Open or Close

    An average wiring harness consists of over a thousand wires, and measures a kilometre in length. We carry out all electrical repairs including replacing a complete body or engine harness.

  • Buyer Beware!Open or Close

    Seen your dream car but want reassurance before you purchase? We offer a full inspection service with a diagnostic report to ensure you don't buy into any hidden faults.

  • Alloy Wheel RefurbishmentsOpen or Close

    We can refurbish your scratched or buckled alloy wheel to bring your damaged alloy wheels back to life. With our skilled and fully equipped partners with the latest technology we can offer a select range of services including Diamond cutting, standard refurbishment and custom refurbishment. All designed to make your wheels nice again.

  • Leather Interior Trim RefurbishmentsOpen or Close

    At The Prasads Automotive Ltd we recognise that exclusive leather and high grade interiors requires special attention and as such we have partnered with some of the best trimmers and leather restorers to provide a high quality of service.
    * We offer a full interior clean or leather connolising.
    * We undertake re-trim leather work as necessary.
    * These types of repairs are estimated on an individual basis.

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